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Skip the DMV!

California Auto Registration Service

Save yourself time and frustration by allowing us to register your vehicles including all trucking industry registration.  M & R Credit Solution handles vehicle registration for cars, trucks, boat, motorcycles, trailers; any vehicle that must meet compliance with the Department of Motor Vehicles.  We offer services for Dealerships, Companies with Fleet Management, Finance Institutions, Rental/Leasing Companies, Auto Manufacturers, Title Loan Companies, Prime and Sub-Prime Banks, and more. 


To Our Locals, skip the DMV and get your vehicle registration and other DMV related transactions completed with no hassle.  We are able to perform transactions which were previously administered only by the State of California Department of Motor Vehicles. We are contracted, licensed and bonded by the State of California Department of Motor Vehicles through their Business Partner Automation program. We can not supply driver’s licenses or drivers license testing. Also, we can not supply California ID cards.

VIN Verification and Vintage Resurrection

VIN Verification

We verify out-of-state vehicles, vehicles with no record on file, vintage and classic cars, and some salvage/rebuilt vehicles.  No title - no problem. 

Auto Lien Sales

Auto Lien Sale Agent

We process mechanical leins, body shop liens and abandoned vehicles on private property.  We process your lien within 48 hours (weekends not included) , we submit all the mailing, process the sale, complete paperwork, and package lien documents for selling the vehicle. You must present proof of invoice and/or contract, proof of identification, and if you are a business proof of license.  

Business Filing

We provide professional legal advertising placement services to government agencies, attorney and private companies in all 58 California counties.  Our service is designed to provide professional new business registration filing and publishing services at a low, reasonable price. We can assist you with the filing of your new business name so that you can avoid having to take time from your busy schedule to do it yourself.  Once your fictitious business name (also known as DBA) statement is filed, we will assist you with publishing a legal notice in a qualified newspaper once a week for four weeks and file proof with the country after last publication date.  The law requires the publication begin within 30 days after your statement is filed.  Contact Secretary of State for compliance and exemptions.  

Public Notary

We Come to You or Come to Us 

We are commissioned and bonded by the California Secretary of State. Our job is to verify your signature and we do not give any legal advice. 

Paralegal Services

This service is only provided to licensed attorneys and attorneys who have no pending disciplinary action.  Services provided are on an hourly rate which include only discovery, pleadings, drafting, filing, and service with court clerk.  

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